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hospital linens

About Sea Isle Corporation:

warehouseSea Isle Corporation is a leader in Institutional Textiles, growing by leaps and bounds. We supply Nursing Homes, Nursing Home Chains, Hospitals, Group Hospital Chains, Prisons and Institutions, Linen Supply Companies, Hospitality, Restaurants, Hotels and Motels. We also do Group Purchasing Contracts for all concerns. Please inquire about our contracting division. We are a DSSI Supplier.

Sea Isle is a distributor of Institutional Linens Nationwide and Canada. We are distributors for the major domestic mills and specialize in imports in all items. We also can have items made up special as well.

We buy linens at close-out prices and pass on savings to you. We can do this by not having sales people on the road working on commissions. We were the first in long distance selling in which it was founded in 1965. What we save on sales expense, we pass on to you. We give very personal attention, but our service is fully automated and first class. We supply top quality merchandise at lowest possible prices. Our products are 100% guaranteed.

We also get first select #1 seconds which is always passed on to our customers.

We warehouse nationwide. This provides you with the promptest delivery.